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Bridekirk Dovenby CE Primary SchoolWork Together, Aim High, Shine Bright

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Bridekirk Dovenby CE Primary SchoolWork Together, Aim High, Shine Bright

Primary 3

Welcome to Primary 3




Our Classroom


We Love Maths!

We have been using our reasoning and detecitve skills in Maths this week. 

We have looked at lots of different capacities and compared them. We also worked out how many small amounts it would take to fill a larger one using our times tables and tested out to see if we were correct.

We quickly realised that there were better ways to make 500ml than using 100 squirts of 5ml! 

We Love Science!

We have been learning all about plants in science. Today we dissected flowers to see all of the different parts. 



We Love History!


We have been learning all about Ancient Egypt this term in Primary Three. Recently we have been looking at the different rituals involved in Mummification. We then (pretend!!) mummified each other making sure we followed all of the original steps:


  1. Wash the body in palm oil and water from the River Nile.
  2. Pull out the brains through the nostrils by using a hook.
  3. Cut out internal organs with a knife. Place the liver, lungs,
    intestines and stomach into the correct canopic jars.
  4. Now leave the body to dry in some natron for about
    40 days.
  5. After 40 days, stuff the body with some linen.
  6. Apply makeup, fake eyes and hair to make it look beautiful.
  7. Wrap the mummy in linen from head to toe. Place the odd
    amulet into the wrappings as you go. Also, place a Book of
    the Dead papyrus roll in the mummy’s hands.
  8. Now wrap a whole piece of cloth around it one more time
    and your mummy is ready!
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Picture 3

We Love Art!


Primary Three News



There are some very exciting times ahead in Primary Three.

We are preparing a performance for the U.Dance festival, 2017.


We have made our own dance and costumes and are really looking forward to performing at the Carnegie Theatre in Workington

Yr3 Long Term Plan