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Bridekirk Dovenby CE Primary SchoolWork Together, Aim High, Shine Bright

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Bridekirk Dovenby CE Primary SchoolWork Together, Aim High, Shine Bright

Collective Worship

Collective Worship plays a key part in our school day here at Bridekirk Dovenby.

We have daily acts of worship including whole school collective worship, key stage collective worship and class worship, one of which is Pupil-Led. 

Whole School Collective Worship


Twice a week, the whole school meets for a collective worship assembly. Mondays assemblies are also linked to our school-wide Jigsaw PSHE topic and Friday assemblies also involve a celebration of pupil's efforts and achievements with the presentation of our Golden Jumpers. 

Key Stage Collective Worship


Once a week, Pupils will have an assembly in their key stages. This ensures that pupils are able to think about topics relative to their age, for example so the older pupils in KS2 can develop a deeper level of religious understanding. 

Class Collective Worship


Class worship takes place in their class and is led by their teacher or a guest. We use the picture news scheme ( to help children engage with and reflect on current and relevant events in our world.


A page from P5's Collective Worship book



Pupil-Led worship takes place in class and is something that pupils take huge pride in. In these sessions, the pupils plan and deliver their own collective worship topics ranging from Bible story study to current events.



In this Pupil-Led Collective Worship, pupils created a heart with a prayer on the back to send with donations to evacuees in Ukraine

Primary 4- pupil led worship on trust- 12.10.22

Spring 2023; making the most of the warmer weather and our beautiful sensory garden for some pupil led collective worship outdoors.