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Bridekirk Dovenby CE Primary SchoolWork Together, Aim High, Shine Bright

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Bridekirk Dovenby CE Primary SchoolWork Together, Aim High, Shine Bright



At Bridekirk Dovenby primary, we strive to make our pupils independent, confident users of technology, actively engaged in learning. We aim to model the use of technology that reflects our school values, staying safe, being responsible and being respectful of others online. Our main aim it to equip our pupils with skills to ensure they can use technology to the best of their abilities, promoting resilience, independence, communication skills and critical thinking and problem solving through debugging and programming. Purple Mash, our current teaching program, helps us to deliver a broad curriculum with a structured and progressive sequence. It allows our pupils to be inquisitive and creative, also working well as a team with a sense of community when doing group work and group presentations. We aspire for children to leave computing lessons with a sense of pride in their work and able to discuss their new learning and progress at home. 



Computing begins in EYFS at Bridekirk Dovenby with children in the foundation stage following a curriculum designed to provide them with activities that develop computational thinking. All children in school have regular access to iPads, laptops and, in addition, they have  a weekly computing lesson. Lessons are delivered using a variety of resources that have been recommended following a series of online meetings with Sarah Zaman, the CAS outreach manager for our area. Pupils will learn to:

+ Design, Write and debug programs for specific purposes with parameters which can include controlling simulated systems and problem solving.

+ Simple Algorithms; how they work and how to correct errors within them.

+ Programming using sequence, selection and repetition with variables, and inputs and outputs, including predicting outputs.

+ Effective use of search engines and how they work. Analysing content to evaluate its relevance responsibly, securely ans safely.

+ Networks and the services they can provide, especially for communication.

+ Using a range of digital devices to solve problems and accomplish goals. To collect, analyse, evaluate and present data in a meaningful way.

We also provide various extra curricular activities based around Computing elements of STEM.



We strive to encourage children to deepen their understanding of a lessons learning objectives, with questioning and encouraging children to ask"why" a skill is important and why somethings need to be learnt. Computing skills are use throughout the school in a cross-curricular and as a result, our children become ever more confident using different devices to achieve different objectives. 

We regularly review and assess learning for positive impacts on our pupils, using formative assessment to discover any areas for development quickly so as not to disturb their learning journey progression. Progress is measured through the outcomes and the record of coverage throught work saved in pupils' Purple Mash documents and responses to "to do" activities in the program  

Scratch Junior in Key Stage 1

Scratch in Key Stage 2

Using code to program a robot complete challenges!

Whole School Planning 2021-22

Purple Mash Computing

All children in school have an account on Purple Mash and, on occasions, the children will use Purple Mash to support the embedding of ICT across the curriculum and practise skills they have learnt in maths and English.  During periods of home learning, children may be assigned a series of lessons from Purple Mash to explore and enhance their knowledge.