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Bridekirk Dovenby CE Primary SchoolWork Together, Aim High, Shine Bright

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Bridekirk Dovenby CE Primary SchoolWork Together, Aim High, Shine Bright


Academic Year

2019 - 2020

A wonderful visit to the Jewish exhibition at Tullie House! On Wednesday 11th December, the Y2 children visited Tullie House for the morning to find out more about Judaism. They had talked about 'Shabbat' celebrations during Harvest time, so they were excited to learn even more about this interesting religion. The exhibition at Tullie House certainly didn't disappoint! There were stories to listen to, artefacts to handle, things to dress up in and games to play. We all left bursting with knowledge, thanks to Sally and Kit who led the session. Lots of discussion followed back at school and the children made a lovely thank you card, which has been posted out to the ladies at Tullie House.

The volunteers from the foodbank were delighted to receive a book full of Y2 thank you letters to Stuart, who visited us before the half term break. We hope he enjoys reading them when he's volunteering there tomorrow.

Primary 2 enjoyed a visit from Stuart, a volunteer from the local foodbank. He talked to us about Harvest in the past, where food comes from and how we can help those who are less fortunate. The Y2 children enjoyed asking some of the questions they'd thought of during their RE lesson from the previous week.

Academic Year

2018 - 2019

Reverend Thompson came to teach us about Baptism. We asked him lots of questions to help us with our RE work.

We have been exploring how it feels to give and receive gifts. At Christmas time remember that Jesus was God’s special gift to us.

Academic Year

2017 - 2018

Thank you to NISCU for our puppet performance. We learned about ‘What does Easter mean to you?’

We have been finding out what we can learn from the stories Jesus told.


Our class discussion on 'Sharing'.

We learned about how Jesus shared...
 5 loaves of bread and 2 fish with 5000 people.

Y1 & Y2 were faced with the challenge of building a Sukkah, after learning all about the Jewish festival of Sukkot.

There was lots to discuss and remember.
It had to have at least 3 walls.
The roof must be made from leaves, twigs etc.
Team work!
Looking good!
The roof must have gaps for the sun and stars.

Academic Year

2016 - 2017

Our Thankfulness display is now in church for the congregation to enjoy.

What would we see during a Baptism?