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Bridekirk Dovenby CE Primary SchoolWork Together, Aim High, Shine Bright



How we assess the progress our pupils make in Design and technology.


The impact of Kapow Primary’s Design and technology scheme can be constantly monitored through both formative and summative assessment opportunities.  Each lesson includes guidance to support teachers in assessing pupils against the learning objectives.  Furthermore, each unit has a quiz and knowledge catcher which can be used at the start and/ or end of the unit.

After the implementation of the scheme, pupils should leave school equipped with a range of skills to enable them to succeed in their secondary education and be innovative and resourceful members of society.

The impact of following the scheme of work is that children will:

  • Understand the functional and aesthetic properties of a range of materials and resources.
  • Understand how to use and combine tools to carry out different processes for shaping, decorating and manufacturing products.
  • Build and apply a repertoire of skills, knowledge and understanding to produce high quality, innovative outcomes, including models, prototypes, CAD, and products to fulfil the needs of users, clients and scenarios.
  • Understand and apply the principles of healthy eating, diets and recipes, including key processes, food groups and cooking equipment.
  • Have an appreciation for key individuals, inventions and events in history, and of today, that impact our world.
  • Recognise where our decisions can impact the wider world in terms of community, social and environmental issues.
  • Self-evaluate and reflect on learning at different stages and identify areas to improve.
  • Meet the end of key stage expectations out lined in the National curriculum for Design and technology.
  • Meet the end of key stage expectations outlined in the National curriculum for Design and technology.


Assessment and Recording

Assessment in D&T is currently an area for development within the school.  The subject leader is working with staff to set up assessments within FFT Aspire Pupil Tracking – Curriculum Tracker.  This will allow the class teacher and subject leader to track progress and identify areas of strength and for development, both for individual pupils, cohorts and for the school as a whole.  We assess children using the Kapow scheme Knowledge Catchers but also observations and discussions with the children during the lessons.  The children are also assessed by looking at any recorded work presented in their D&T portfolios.  On completion of a unit of work, we make a summary judgement about whether children are working at, above or below the expected level and keep a record of these judgements.  We use the assessment provided in the Kapow Primary Scheme of work as these link explicitly to the content being taught and reduce unnecessary teacher workload.

Parents receive an end of year report with an indication of attainment and effort by their child for units taught throughout the year.